Terms & Conditions

1. St B’s Hall reserves the right to refuse any booking request which is felt to be contrary to its Christian ethos (for example some 16th, 18th or 21st birthday parties).

2.The room(s) hired may only be used for the purpose(s) indicated on the booking agreement.

3. No amplified music may be introduced unless with express prior permission, and there is to be no music after 11.30 pm. On Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve this time can be extended by one hour.

4. Unless otherwise indicated, the person whose name appears on the booking form will be deemed to be the ‘hirer’ and legally responsible for the meeting/event and must be available and contactable throughout. This person must be 18 years or above.

5. The hirer is responsible for the safe collection and return of the key. Regular users, issued with their own key, are not to loan this key to non-regular users.

6. The hirer shall enter and leave the building at the times booked on the hire agreement and secure the room(s)/building(s) as instructed. A fee of £20 per hour or part thereof  will be charged if this is not complied with.

7. A completed booking form must be received as soon as is reasonable after the initial enquiry, to secure the booking.

8. Full payment must be received in advance of the booking.

9. Cancellation of a booking after payment will incur a cancellation fee of 0.5hr hire for each session cancelled, however, any cancellation within one week of the booked session shall incur a cancellation fee of the full session cost.

10. The hirer shall ensure that health and safety regulations are observed whilst using the building, and that the exit is kept clear at all times. No fire equipment shall be tampered with, or removed from its place, except in the event of fire. Costs incurred due to the misuse of fire equipment will be borne by the hirer in full.

11. The hirer shall not use, allow, nor cause any items to be used during the hire period which involve a naked flame such as candles, or any items which are lit with a naked flame, without prior consent.

12. Current legislation prohibits smoking in any part of the building, including the front garden.

13. No alcohol may be sold on or outside any part of the premises. No alcohol may be served or consumed without prior notification.

14. Rooms must be left in the condition that they were in when made available for use. Any rubbish created during the hire period must be removed from the premises. Cleaning materials are available in the cleaning cupboard in the toilet. The hirer is responsible for cleaning costs incurred by St B’s Hall due to the hirer’s failure to clean adequately – cost to be deducted from the deposit. A cleaning service is available – please enquire.

15. All damages and breakages to St B’s Hall’s property, including the loss, removal or theft of property, must be advised as soon as possible, and the hirer will be charged the replacement cost.

16. The illegal use of banned substances on or outside the premises is strictly prohibited and will be reported to the police.

17. No equipment or materials can be fixed to or removed from any part of the building.

18. St B’s Hall will not accept liability for damage to or loss of property or for personal injury not caused by the negligence of the owners.

19. No ball games are to be played, either inside or outside the Hall.

20. No unaccompanied children are allowed in the Upstairs Room. St. B’s Hall accepts no responsibility for children allowed upstairs on their own.

21. The Hall shall be vacated by midnight at the latest, except on Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve, when the limit will be 1.00 am.

22. The hirer’s liability for cost of repairs/replacement of equipment is not limited to the amount of the deposit paid.

23. St B’s Hall reserves the right to cancel any booking at a minimum of four weeks’ notice. Any payments will be refunded.

24. The hirer will be expected to have read and understood our terms and conditions prior to booking. Receipt of a signed and completed booking agreement will be deemed acceptance by the hirer of our current terms and conditions.